Pet Bedding Capacity Trebled for 2021

Here at Plevin Products we're delighted to announce we've invested over £1 million in a new production line at our Elkesley site in Nottinghamshire, allowing us to treble our capacity for 2021.

The new production line will allow us to increase our productioncapacity of smallbales of wood shavings to cope with demand from major supermarkets and pet wholesalers.

Jamie Plevin, Managing Director of Plevin Products, said the new line will mean the company is now well-placed to fulfil demand from our customers for the bedding bales, which come in various sizes between 1kg and 7kg.

“Our Snowflake pet bedding range is going from strength to strength,” said Jamie. “At a time when so many industries are struggling we’re  seeing huge growth in the small pet bedding market and we felt it was the right time to invest in our business to ensure we can keep up with that growth and the subsequent demand it creates.”

As well as wood shavings for small animals, the Snowflake range of bedding  includes  meadow hay and barley straw,  complimented with timothy-hay for nutritional feed as well softwood based cat litter.

All Snowflake products are processed to the highest specification using the latest manufacturing technology. A state-of-the-art dust extraction process ensures the products provide a healthy environment for pets, minimising the risk of respiratory conditions.


The bedding products are made from premium softwood which is sourced from sustainable resources in the UK, while the hay and straw that is baled into handy sized packs is grown in the field by farmers local to another of our manufacturing sites in Boston, Lincolnshire. 

We can offer combination loads of Snowflake products to official Snowflake stockists. For more information contact  Steve Willis on

For more information contact:
Plevin Sales Team
Telephone: 0870 7500805


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