Every responsible horse owner naturally wants the very best for their horse. Here at Plevin, we understand that the correct bedding choice is an essential part of your horses health and well being.  Our Snowflake equestrian bedding products are made from 100% softwood which is manufactured to the highest possible standards. We pride ourselves on producing market leading equine bedding products suitable for the single leisure horse owner through to large competition and livery yards.  

Snowflake equestrian products are subjected to rigorous quality control checks at every stage. Our state of the art dust extraction system reduces the risk of respiratory problems associated with bedding choices in horses. A dust free environment in the stable supports the well being of your horse, maintaining peak health and fitness.

Wood based equestrian bedding products are a natural bedding choice. The wood we use to manufacture our products is sourced within the UK from sustainable resources, making it environmentally friendly too. Being biodegradeable, the wood flake sizes of our bedding rot down quickly on the muck heap into a reuseable compost. 

Snowflake products are available from our network of approved stockists throughout the UK. Bulk quantities can also be purchased directly.

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