How to use Snowflake Softchip

Softchip offers several major advantages over other bedding systems and is readily available in 25kg bales from a network of stockists across the UK.

Used correctly, Softchip is very quick and easy to work with being suitable for daily full muck out or a deep litter system. Very little waste is taken out from the stable each day which means a smaller muck heap too. Softchip doesn't tend to blow about whilst mucking out which makes for a tidier yard too.

Start with a clean empty stable

Initially six to eight bales are required for a 12ft x 12ft stable depending on the depth of bed required on rubber matting. Additional bales will be needed if rubber stable mats are not used. 

Open a bale at a time and with a shavings fork, spread the Softchip evenly on the stable floor to the required depth.

Use additional bales to build banks against the stable walls if required. These not only help prevent horses from becoming cast when rolling but also guard against draughts. 

Removing the droppings with a shavings fork or by hand with rubber gloves.

Scrape the clean top layer of Softchip to the sides to reveal any wet patches. Rmove these with a fork or a shovel and sweep the floor clean. 

Remake th bed by scraping the bedding back from the sides. Level and tidy the banks. If time allows, leave the bedding up to allow the floor to dry and then re-lay the bed.   

If you prefer, you can use Softchip as a deep litter bedding, we recommend a bed thickness of approx 6 inches to allow any wet to drain to the bottom, ensuring that the top remains dry.

One to two bales per week on average will be needed to maintain your horses' bed depending on which system you choose.

Watch Ben Maher's groom Bradley demonstrate how quick and easy Snowflake Softchip is to use.


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