How to use Snowflake Standard

Start with a clean empty stable. 

Initially five to six bales are required to bed down a 12ft x 12ft stable depending on the depth of bed required. Additional bales will be needed if rubber stable mats are not used. 

Snowflake Standard bales are super compressed and spring apart when opened.

Open a bale at a time and with a shavings fork toss the shavings and chip into the air so as to loosen and fluff up. Spread the shavings and chip evenly on the stable floor to the required depth.

Use additional bales to build banks against the stable walls if required. These not only help prevent horses from becoming cast when rolling but also guard against draughts. 

One to two bales per week on average will be needed to maintain your horses' bed.

Managing a Snowflake Standard bed is really easy.

Remove droppings either with a shaving fork or by hand using gloves.

Scrape the clean bedding to the sides with a shavings fork to locate wet patches at the bottom of the bed and remove with the shavings fork or a shovel. Scrape the shavings back from the sides to re-lay the bed and level the banks. Top up the bed with new shavings as required.  

If time allows, the bed may be completely taken up by scraping all of the shavings to the sides. The floor can then be swept and allowed to dry. Once dry, re-lay the bed by pulling the shavings back from the sides and tidy the banks. Add new shavings to maintain the depth of the bed as required.

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