Value Cat Litter

Directions for use

Provide a litter tray large enough for your cat to use comfortably. Fill to a depth of 1cm with Snowflake Value wood based cat litter. Remove solids and soiled litter regularly. Soiled cat litter should be sealed in polythene bags and disposed of with your household waste. As with all cat litters, it is recommended that disposable or rubber gloves are worn whilst handling soiled litter. The tray should be completely emptied and cleaned with a pet safe cleaning product at least weekly. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid contact with soiled litter and litter trays should be kept away from babies and young children. Every effort has been made during the production of this product to ensure low dust levels. However, dust may be created during handling and we therefore recommend that you avoid inhaling any dust. This product is made from a natural material, colour and size variations may occur

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