Here at Plevin, we are committed to supplying quality poultry bedding at affordable prices. We understand the challenges that the poultry industry face and recognise the importance of finding the perfect bedding within your business. This is why we are one of the UK’s largest poultry bedding manufacturers.

All of our poultry products are subject to rigorous quality control checks. Our baled products are produced on our state of the art dust extraction system, enabling us to manufacture to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on producing a product that is consistent, reliable, efficient and affordable.

We offer the complete delivered package from base bedding to top-up bales. Our bio-secure base bedding can be delivered on a specialised trailer that blows the bedding directly into your sheds, keeping the bedding clean and bio-secure at every stage. Our top-up bales are supplied on pallets which are then sealed top to bottom with an all weather protective cover for outdoor storage.  

For further information regarding direct orders and delivery details please call 0870 750 0805 or email sales@plevin.co.uk