Plevin sawdust is highly absorbent, non-clogging, clean, dry and light with a pleasant aroma.

The sawdust is 100% kiln dried and then carefully screened to remove any timber deposits which could result in a blockage to the slurry system. The wood used is for our sawdust is a consistent quality with no low grade material mixed in. It is the idea choice for cubicles and one of the driest beddings available for pigs.

We can offer prompt and dependable deliveries. Pallets of bedding are supplied with a hooder which enables outside storage. Deliveries can be accompanied with an on board fork truck if required


100% Kiln Dried Softwood based sawdust

Suitable for:

Pig Housing


Carefully Screened
Highly Absorbent
Consistent quality

Load sizes:

Direct orders available from 8 tonne to 24 Tonne
Direct order available for 16 pallets (1152 bales or 1120 bags)
Bag weight approx. 18kg
Bale weight approx. 20kg

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