Snowflake Softchip Plus

Snowfake Softchip Plus combines the best of Supreme and the best of Softchip. Manufactured from 50% Premium Woodshavings and 50% Softwood Woodchip, Softchip Plus has several advantages over other bedding choices:

  • Dust extracted for a healthy respiratory system.
    Minimising dust levels within the stable environment is essential to help your horse maintain peak health and fitness. 
  • Free draining and highly absorbent.
    Allows wet to drain away freely to the bottom layer, ensuring that the surface of the bed remains dry. 
  • Quick and easy to maintain.                                                                                                         Droppings are easily removed little waste whilst the underlying wet patches are quickly removed by fork. 
  • A naturally warm, soft and comfortable product with a pine fresh odour.
    The bedding improves stability under foot and offers very little movement.
  • Doesn't cling to manes, tails or rugs.                                   The bedding stays in the stable and not on your horse! Reduces grooming time and saves on waste.                                                                                             
  • Environmentally friendly natural wood fibre.
    Sourced from sustainable resources in the UK, the bedding makes excellent compost after use.

Snowflake Softchip Plus is the perfect bedding choice that enables you to spend less time mucking out or grooming and allow for more quality time with your horse, whether riding for pleasure or competing at the highest level.


Soft Woodchip and Premium Shavings Blend (50/50)

Suitable for:

Horses, Poultry and Small Animal


Dust Extracted, UK Sourced and Manufactured.

Pack sizes:

20kg (approximate) bale, stacked 32 per half pallet (double stacked to make 64 bales per pallet space)

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