Snowflake Supreme – Our flagship product and a leading brand in equestrian bedding

Supreme bales are made entirely from kiln dried softwood timber, this guarantees a naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with a superb fresh odour. Our rigorous quality control checks ensure consistent quality flake sizes to ensure that only the best woodshavings find there way into a Supreme bale.

Snowflake Supreme woodshavings are highly absorbent but remain dry on top as any wet drains away from the surface which keeps your horse nice and dry. Our advanced dust extraction process minimises dust levels in the stable which helps maintain peak health and fitness.

Supreme – performance in equestrian bedding

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 Softwood Woodshavings

Suitable for:

Horses, Poultry and Small Animal


Natural odour control, Dust extracted, UK Sourced and Manufactured

Pack sizes:

20kg (approximate) bale, stacked 48 per pallet

StarStarStarStarStarNo more breathing difficulties

As a childhood asthmatic I was horrified to find that the dreaded asthma returned (after 60 years!) ...
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Barry, Woodbridge

StarStarStarStarStarSeriously recommend

We have always used shavings on our yard, but we have found nothing similar to the quality of snowfl...
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Jenny Patterson, Suffolk

StarStarStarStarStarBest available !!!!!

I have always used snowflake supreme woodshavings as they are without doubt the best available, my h...
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Sarah Keighley, Sheffield

StarStarStarStarStarWe just love them

We started using snowflake supreme woodshavings last year, our local supplier had run out of our usu...
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Sarah Barratt, Cambridgeshire

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